We provide programs for 6 weeks to 12 years using a weekly theme-related curriculum. Our curriculum books follow the Nebraska Early Learning guidelines. Children learn best when they take an active role in the process, which is why we follow the learn through play theory. Below is a closer look at each of our individual programs.


The first years are the most important in a child’s development. Our safe and loving environment helps stimulate an infant’s growth as they are just beginning to roll, crawl, walk, play, and learn. We do this by a variety of age appropriate activities, such as, tummy time, sign language, sensory activities, musical instruments, and art processes.


The second year of life is when a child really starts to show their personality. During this year we are dedicated to helping your child develop their eating skills, emotional skills, speech skills, and social skills. We plan a weekly, theme-related curriculum that offers experiences for each child to learn and grow. Our goal is to encourage relationship building opportunities and widen each child’s imagination through play. To accomplish this, our center provides a variety of different learning areas in our toddler room. Each new discovery is welcomed with excitement by our staff; through the enthusiasm in our voices.


This is a time where a child begins to better express themselves through their words and become more independent. We strive to help your child widen their vocabulary and start to follow two and three step directions. In an early learning, preschool environment we help them recognize their shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. The process of getting them ready for kindergarten starts here. Children learn classroom rules, the daily schedule, and classroom duties. We have a variety of learning areas around our room which provide meaningful opportunities for children to explore and learn through play.

Fours and Fives

These are the years children are preparing for kindergarten. Our kindergarten readiness program is designed with the philosophy of how children learn best through play. Children rotate throughout the day participating in teacher directed and child initiated activities. Creating a fun, educational atmosphere where children can explore, helps the child become more motivated to learn. Our program offers a creative curriculum that helps children learn basic reading and writing techniques, increase their understanding of math concepts, and focus on pre-kindergarten skills and concepts. Along with preparing them for kindergarten, we focus on enhancing your child’s emotional skills, social skills, and technological skills. All skills taught in our kindergarten readiness program are essential to prepare each child for the future to become a life-long learner.

School Age

We provide before and after school care Monday through Friday for grades Kindergarten-Sixth. We offer breakfast and afternoon snack on the days that they attend school. When school is out we will provide your child with lunch as well. We have fun activities and games planned each day. We provide safe transportation to and from Prairie Wind Elementary and Masters Elementary School. During the summer we provide full time care for the school agers. The summer is filled with lots of fun outings and events.