We asked a few of our children’s parents for comments on what they thought of our service. The answers we received were extremely heart-warming. Listed below are some comments from parents throughout all of our age groups. We sincerely hope that you will read them and imagine the type of care your child will be receiving within our center.

Our one year old daughter has attended Lollipop Patch since she was just eight weeks old. Before she was born we called and toured multiple daycares around the area and Lollipop Patch simply had everything we were looking for.

Every morning our daughter is excited to go to daycare and the teachers are just as excited to see her when she comes in. She has come home with numerous art projects and has been able to participate in many fun activities! She is having fun every day with her friends and at the same time learning many new things. We are very pleased with the care she receives and we know each day she is happy and well cared for by the staff at Lollipop Patch.
Randy and Elizabeth

Our daughter has been attending Lollipop Patch and is very happy there. She loves Destiny and so do we. Destiny is extremely attentive and has always helped with any requests we have as our daughter’s growth and development progresses. There are always lots of activities in the infant room, from squeezing pudding and popping bubbles, to making cards with hands and feet; our daughter is always learning through play.

With our daughter born 15 weeks premature, she was already behind in a variety of aspects of life. In February 2009, we decided to move her from an in-home daycare to Lollipop Patch. It was immediately apparent that this was the type of place she would thrive in. Just after a few weeks at Lollipop Patch, we could see huge improvement with our daughter’s speech, physical abilities and cognitive abilities. Her abilities have continued to grow the longer she has been here. Now you could never tell she was born premature compared to her friends.
It is without exaggeration when we say that we can get our work done during the day as our minds are at rest knowing our daughter is happy, appropriately stimulated, safe, well-cared-for and loved. This is a great gift that Lollipop Patch gives to both children and parents.
Daniel and Jessica

My son who just turned 4 years old in March, started attending Lollipop Patch in August of 2010. At that time we were concerned with some of his cognitive learning. After attending for 8 months, he now counts to 30 in Spanish, 100 in English, knows his letters by sight and sound. We are so amazed everyday by the new things learned by our son. The staff is always courteous and gives you a sense of belonging to the “family”.

My son has learned so much at Lollipop Patch, in both academic and social skills. Although I try to work with him at home on learing the basiscs, he has learned so much more at Lollipop Patch. One morning on the way there, I heard him singing in the backseat of the car. I listened more closely and realized that he was singing the ABC’s! I was so surprised; I hadn’t even thought of teaching him that yet! Lately, he has been counting to 20 or 25, counting to 10 in Spanish, recognizing written numbers and letters, and even writing a few letters himself. Needless to say, I have been very pleased with how much he is learning each day!

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers at Lollipop Patch! I have an 11 month old daughter who loves her teachers in the infant room. She smiles so big every morning when we come in. I love it that all the staff have such wonderful stories to tell me about her day. They do such wonderful and fun activities with her. I feel that she gets such good one on one time with the teachers that help her learn so many different things that she may not learn at home. I would strongly recommend Lollipop Patch to anyone in need of a phenomenal daycare!